Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Foundland New Years

These are the memories Don and I had of our Newfoundland New Year's Eve Party.  We celebrate at 7:30, which is midnight in Newfoundland!  That works best for guests who ski hard all day or those who want to party into the night with their cabin mates.  It was great fun.  Don and I ski all the way home after the party, usually leaving High Camp about 8:30.  We have done the night ski for probably 15 years and look forward to it each time.  The route is familiar and needs only a headlamp.  The stars were amazing.  The slip of the moon lay  resting in the night sky.  New snow made the descent speedy.  When we hit our plowed road, half way down, it had iced up.  We traveled at lightning speed...barely in control, the cool night air refreshing us as we went. There is truly nothing like the feeling of speeding down in the dark cold night with snow laden trees whipping past on either side.   We skied past our neighbor's cabin aglow with Christmas lights and into our backyard.  Once again ringing in the New Year in High Camp fashion! 

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  1. Happy New Year to you! Thank you for the text. We rang in the new year with E&L. . . well, actually only with L. E was already suffering the consequences of over indulging by 11:00ish :)