Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pillie Power

High Camp Host: Max Pillie
Well, let me introduce you to marvelous Max!  He can fix anything.  He repairs things at High Camp that we did not know were broken.  When Max is on staff his to do list is a long one and High Camp improves with each visit!  One of the biggest contributions from Max is our solar panel system.  He installed panels outside the lodge and has a power bench with batteries for power storage.  It works great!  We depend on the system now for our communication.  It powers the radio and charges cell phones... a great improvement!

Solar Panels on the High Camp Lodge.  Power Bench below.

Marvelous Max snowmobiling at Windy Corner in the winter.

Max getting a well earned rest as he fishes at Loch Eileen in the fall.

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