Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shackleton Expedition!

10 degrees and a ton of new snow made for an epic Wednesday adventure for Don and I with Zeke and Matt.  We had to break a trail to High Camp!  The snow was deep and the groomer was sick.  We really took good care of our Piston Bully this year, but alas, things still go wrong.  Snow fell most of the day, our drinking water froze.  It was one of those awesome, edgy outdoor experiences that put a smile on your face.  The snow was so deep the snowmobiles got mired almost immediately, so Don and I snowshoed a track...we slowly progressed up the mountain gaining 1200 feet over 3 1/4 miles.

The trip was only 3 1/4 miles since they are logging out the P road and our route is plowed an additional mile beyond our normal mid mountain transfer point.  So we drove our chained up Suburban 5 miles, then dug out the snowmobiles and got on our way.  We made good progress ahead of the snowmobiles.  When they caught up with us they turned the heavy machines around and drove them back down. to firm up the track..  Sometimes they zoomed past us as though they could make it no problem, only to be stuck in the deep snow just a little ways ahead.  We were able to set a track clear up around Windy Corner, exposed and challenging as always, so the snowmobiles could get to High Camp.  Matt and Zeke drove like professionals.  The trip took 3 hours of deep snowshoeing and digging out snowmobiles, but we were successful and the route to High Camp is open!

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