Friday, December 23, 2011

Solstice Ski

Skiing the High Country Trail is a wonderful way to celebrate the Solstice. It was 18 degrees when Don and I headed out for a ski in the bright sunshine after a blessed snowfall of 2 inches!!!  That snow was light and fluffy; it glittered like diamonds.  The high pressure over Washington this December has kept the snow dumps away, but the skies are blue and the stars shine bright every night.  The High Country Trail is the backbone of our trail system.  Guests rarely leave High Camp without skiing it either enroute to another trail or as access to the backcountry.  Roundabout, Glacier View, Powderpuff, Ridgetop, Lake Julius trails all begin with a ski up the High country Trail.

On these big, beautiful, blue sky days it is all about the mountain views.  Glacier Peak in the distance.

A great ski day from High Camp is the High Meadows, with Tamarack Point on the left and Baldy on the right.  This area is perfect for a backcountry telemark day ski.  You can see the three lake basins for Lake Donald, Loch Eileen and Lake Julius nestled in below the meadows.

We believe the mountains is the distance are the Ten Peaks.

Don and Eric dreaming of the snow that we just know is coming!

Happy Holidays! Chris

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