Friday, December 2, 2011

PistonBully Power!

Meet our beloved PistonBully Groomer.  This beautiful machine keeps the road to High Camp open for the snowmobiles.  It will blast through the deep drifts created by high winds during a blizzard.  We love our PistonBully. 

Today our PistonBully is very happy because it is getting lubed and greased.   James, our mechanic, and Rich, our Crackerjack Right Hand Man, are checking and repacking all the bearings in the 10 bogey wheels.   They are also replacing the track tensioners.  Life is good for Mr. PistonBully.

Here is the view Mr. Bully has as James  grooms our track to High Camp.  Awesome!  We need to keep our PistonBully happy...and we will!


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