Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dot on the Horizon

Whenever we go skiing or hiking with Eric he is way ahead of us, looking like a little dot on the horizon.  He has incredible energy and love for the great outdoors.  This is the first of several intermittent posts about the staff at High Camp.  It is fitting to begin with Eric since he has been coming to Scottish Lakes since he was eleven!  His family always skied up from mid mountain, so when he started to work for us he had never been on a snowmobile.  Now he is an expert driver and a veteran of the Scottish Lakes staff.

At Western, Eric is earning a double major in Environmental Science and Environmental Education with a minor in Biology.  He recently created a presentation called "Life in the Freezer".  This is not about our life at High is about how animals of the Cascades have adapted to live in the snow for six months of the year.  He focused on common animals of High Camp:  Douglas Squirrel, Yellow Pine Chipmunk, Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel, Snowshoe Hare, and Black Bear.  We will be featuring each of these animals in future blogs on High Country Cache.

Eric will be on staff over the holidays and plans to offer our guests a peak into "Life in the Freezer".  His enthusiasm for animals and the outdoors will make this opportunity very special!

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