Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snow Rodeo...First Ski!

After the first big dump the snowmobile ride to High Camp is like riding a bucking bronco at the rodeo!  There is no base and the snow gets deeper as you work your way up the mountain.  We were mired several times, but we perservered.  It was a beautiful day with light clouds and some blue sky.  Snow began to fall hard for the trip down the mountain, but not until after we went out on our first ski of the winter season.

Don happily skis up High Country trail after fighting the snowmobile all the way up to High Camp.  As we ski, we feel the stress fall away and the peace of the quiet, snowfilled forest fills us up.

Turning off onto Roundabout we are surprised and pleased with the snow cover!  This snow has created a good base with few rocks and logs under our path.

That feeling of gliding through the new snow!  It is just plain FUN!  Only the beginning of an awesome winter season!

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