Monday, October 29, 2012

John Muir Trail - Day 10

August 19, 2012 –Rose Marie Meadow to Piute Pass Junction
Mileage:  13               Elevation:  8050 feet

We rose to more clouds!  We tried to dry things out a little, but the weather would not cooperate.  Finally, we packed up wet and headed out.  We climbed past high and exposed Marie Lakes as we headed up Seldon Pass.  The sun came out at the pass and we spent some time there drying our clothes.
Marie Lakes and Seldon Pass
Don at Heart Lake

Then, we dropped down to Heart Lake and on to beautiful Sally Keyes Lakes.  The trail then crossed Senger Creek and descending thousands of switchbacks to our second cache at Muir Trail Ranch.  The ranch turned out to be a cluster of very old buildings and a stable open only in the summer.  There was a bell to ring when we arrived at the gate to announce that we needed to pick up our cache.  Many other hikers were there sorting food on old wooden tables under awnings to protect from sun and rain.  The area was well organized with places to sort garbage and recycling, plus catalogued bins for overbought food and supplies to leave for others.  Patt was in charge of the operation with Jake, from London, England, assisting her.  Mary and Justin, a young pediatrician and professor from Bend were sorting food also.  We had met them at Rose Meadow the night before.  Turns out they have the same permit schedule as we do, so we will see them along the way.

After reloading our packs we hefted our incredibly heavy loads of food for the next nine days and headed up to a hiker camp at the entrance to Kings Canyon National Park, where Piute Creek meets the San Joaquin River.  Really great camping, clean and dry, but crowded.  We were able to finish drying our gear out and have a relaxing evening with NO RAIN!

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