Saturday, September 22, 2012

John Muir Trail - Day 5

August 14, 2012 –Garnet Lake to Rosalie Lake
Mileage:  5                 Elevation:  9250 feet

Each morning we wake up to sunny clear skies.  It is so hopeful!  Our tent is sopping wet from yesterday’s rain.  We drag it over to some sunny rocks to dry out along with the rest of our gear.  Laundry is drying also, so we relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful lakes on earth!  The altimeter did not change overnight, so maybe no rain today!  That would be nice, but we aren’t so sure, so as our wet gear dries we plan our “rain drill” for setting up camp in a downpour efficiently.  We are now ready for anything!

We are beginning to pack up to leave when we hear a voice.  A man calls Hello!  From across the way.  He tells us he is with a group of painters who came in on horses.  They are painting all week.  He says, “Come on over and bring your VISA!”  We do head over and meet the happy group of artists catered by Rebecca.  They are set up very comfortably.  They have easels with little umbrellas to shade the project.  Delightful people!  We exchange names, cards, blogs and websites and say our goodbyes.

By now it is 11:30 and we head out.  We have 14 miles to do in two days, not sure where we will end up as we hike up and out of Garnet Lake.  This area is very popular and many people are on the trail…even day hikers.  We descend from Garnet to Shadow Lake, then we climb back up over a ridge to Rosalie.  As we climb it clouds up and thunder rolls through the mountains.  Word on that trail is that the bad weather is moving out…but it hasn’t yet!  Using our “rain drill”, although it is not that wet, we set up camp and hunker down as the storms move through.  It is much calmer than the last two nights.  As it clears up we make dinner, then take an evening hike to an awesome viewpoint…it feels great.  In the fading light we read aloud outside on a rock gazing at lovely Lake Rosalie.   

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