Friday, June 29, 2012

A Wolverine Named Peg

Meet Peg Stark!  She is visiting High Camp December 2008.  Sitting next to her is the "ghost" of Bill Stark.  They are seated in their favorite spot in the High Camp lodge.  Bill and Peg founded High Camp in the 70s.  They are our beloved mentors as human beings and High Camp proprietors! 

Well we have befriended Jim Clark, a volunteer wildlife specialist.  Jim has been heading up to Timothy Meadows during this past winter to photograph wolverines.  We have been helping him with transportation and have been avidly following his wolverine quest.  Jim did find a new wolverine in the meadows, photographed her, had her DNA tested and he got to name her!  Jim asked Don and I what we thought should be the name of this wolverine.  For us there was only one answer!  PEG!  Here is the blog post from the Conservation Northwest:

I just spoke with Peg and she was thrilled to have a wolverine named after her.  She is 95 and her health is not good...but her deep spirit is still there!  It was a bright spot in her day....and mine.

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