Monday, March 12, 2012

Marvelous Maddy

Recently Don and I had the pleasure of skiing with Maddy up to Loch Eileen.  It was a beautiful day with perfect snow for skiing...but better than that we were with Maddy and the feeling was great.  Maddy has been coming to High Camp since she was 4.  She is now an adult and is on staff this season.  Working with Maddy is great...playing with Maddy is even better.  She has such a love for the great outdoors.  She particularly has a deep love for High Camp and considers it her second home.  We had a memorable day.

Maddy cares deeply about her work at Scottish Lakes and she really works hard!  We sometimes refer to her as the "energizer bunny"!  When our guests are leaving High Camp and they talk about they stay, Maddy's name comes up so often!  She is a positive spirit wherever she is present.

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  1. Maddy is a gem. She made our experience this year even better than ever....